All Things Must Pass… Bible?

Firstly, our prayers and thoughts go out to those who have lost loved ones, and those who are still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. Although the storm was not as bad as predicted for this part of the country, for these people it was. May God and the good-hearted help them. If you want to help you can contact your local food bank, Red Cross or Salvation Army chapters.

So the cleanup after Hurricane Irene continues in the northeast, but the storm is long passed. Like everything else, this too has passed.

“All Things Must Pass.” – Bible or Not?

If you search the Bible, you will find the phrase “it came to pass” 452 times in the King James Version. Search some more and you will also find these quotes about things passing:

“The former things are come to pass.”

All these things must come to pass.”

“The former things are passed away.”

“Old things are passed away.”

Another popular phrase that comes to¬† mind is “this too shall pass”, but like today’s quote, that’s not found in the Bible either. That’s right, the origin of the quote “all things must pass” comes from George Harrison of Beatles fame. It is the title of a song and album from way back in 1970. And right he was. Even for those still struggling, these things must pass and they will by the grace of God.


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  1. Hi Lady, great to hear from you. Hmmm… let me think…yeah I think I was stretching it a bit. I do think that the “all things must pass” quote not being Bible could trick our readers that have been born after 1985 though ;-).

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