Bible Jeopardy

Test your Bible knowledge, play Bible Jeopardy!
Play 1-player or 2-player head-to-head.

Bible Jeopardy is provided by a third-party software provider who is not affiliated with Bible or Not, we just like the game. We hope you enjoy playing this Jeopardy game but should you have any problems or concerns please let us know.

Bible Jeopardy Example Questions and Answers: 1) Moses led the Isrealite people across this body of water; the Red sea; 2) He was the first king of Isreal; Saul; 3) This book was written to people who were confused about the rapture; 1 Thessalonians or 2 Thessalonians; 4) The island Paul was shipwrecked on in Acts 28; Melita or Malta.

Have fun playing the Bible Jeopardy Game!

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