Hurricane Sandy Relief

With trees and power lines down all around town, I am one of the fortunate few in NJ who has both power and Internet. And as the news and pictures from the Jersey shore and NYC kept coming in yesterday my heart breaks for those who have lost so much more than that. Hurricane Sandy made its way through the Caribbean, up the eastern seaboard, completely pummeled NJ and NYC and continues to wreak havoc inland with wind, rain and snow.

It’s times like these when people from all walks of life pull together to deal with disaster.

To those who would like to lend a hand in support of the victims of Sandy, here are some good organizations providing relief:

Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief
Salvation Army Hurricane Sandy Relief
Samaritan’s Purse: to Volunteer; to Donate


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Jeff Foxworthy Hosting New Bible Game Show

It was announced today that Jeff Foxworthy will be hosting a new Bible game show on the Game Show Network. The new game show is called The American Bible Challenge and it has been reported by CNN that Foxworthy and GSN are now gearing up for production.

Learn more, and check out this funny top 10 questions husbands should never answer video…

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