If You Can Make God Bleed, Then People Will Cease to Believe in Him

If you like action movies, and you liked the movie Iron Man, then you’ll surely like Iron Man 2. There is a quote in the movie (said to Tony Stark by Vanko) that states how one can bring down a great man, namely, Iron Man.

“If you can make God bleed, then people will cease to believe in Him” – Iron Man 2, 2010

The fact that he likened Iron Man to God makes sense given Iron Man’s apparent invincibility. My mind did however take the next step and look at this quote from the spiritual point of view.

While we live in a society where most people say they believe in God, we have seen over the years a decline in faith. More telling is the fact that the majority of people now do not attend church any more. I could write all day about the many root causes of this, but I do see a connection to today’s quote. Humanism is the religion of today, and a core principle of humanism if the denial of the power of God. Even so-called Deists deny that God has the power or the will to interact and intervene in the “affairs of mankind”. By denying the power of God, you are in a sense making Him bleed. And if you can be convinced that God is less than omnipotent, less than omniscient, less than omnipresent, then you have taken your first step to unbelief.

Those with an ungodly agenda, from the humanist to the atheist, are quick to point out all of the times God has allowed bad things to happen and claim that He was unable to do anything. A god without power beyond the human frame is no god at all, a god that bleeds is no god at all. So be careful when those around you try to tear down your faith, they are only trying to convince you that God can bleed and therefore is less than He is.


If You Can Make God Bleed, Then People Will Cease to Believe in Him — 7 Comments

  1. Great movie, like the make God bleed quote very relevant in the context of faith. I found more Iron Man quotes here.

  2. @Douglas
    You mean this so-called “deity”, so unimaginative, so incompetent, so insipid, so inept, it’s only recourse was to sacrifice itself /to/ itself to nullify a rule /it/ created?

    Your god is a f#@&wit.

  3. Douglas seems to have deeply considered the content of one of the many easily-available pseudo-gospels. He neglects a couple things in the effort to trivialize God. His “reasoning” will not hold up on the Final Day.

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