Measure Not the Work Until the Day Is Out and the Labor Done

Our quote for today is from Elizabeth Barrett Browning, a prominent English poet from the 19th century, about a job well done.

Measure not the work until the day is out and the labor done. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806 – 1861)

This is good advice for those who wish to live with integrity, doing their work at their best and to completion. It is also in line with Biblical principles that we find in the New Testament. Regarding how we are to do our work, or labor, the Apostle Paul says:

“Servants, be obedient to them that are your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in singleness of your heart, as unto Christ; Not with eyeservice, as menpleasers; but as the servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart; With good will doing service, as to the Lord, and not to men.” – Ephesians 6:5-7

So whether you have a paying job or not, work for someone or work for yourself, or go to school or are retired; whatever you are doing today, if you find yourself in a position of doing or serving, do it as if you are doing it for Jesus. And don’t pat yourself on the back, let God do that for you. And don’t measure the work until the day’s out and the labor is done.

Note that Elizabeth Barrett Browning was married to another famous English poet, Robert Browning.


Measure Not the Work Until the Day Is Out and the Labor Done — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Bible or Not Webmaster,
    I stumbled upon your site while looking for some “fill in the blanks” puzzles in my so called “Life”. I sincerely apologized, if by being an intruder here means i have interrupted a private or personal discussion.
    I was intrigued with the Quote title and last line of this entry, “Note that Elizabeth Barrett Browning was married to another famous English poet, Robert Browning.”
    I came from a country where English is a second language, so if sometimes I sound a little bit disoriented or disorganized when i try to express myself, do forgive me.
    As a person who came a long way from even, graduating from any degree or from any higher learning institution, I do admit that i have a little curious mind, which sometimes make me end up in places where i shouldn’t be… for the sake of feeding my curious mind. By the way… WHY is my favourite word and favourite question too.
    This probably will be the longest question or comment or unwanted info but i am here to LEARN and to SHARE, since the title of this site gives me the impression that whomever created this site, is indeed a free thinker, non judged mental and open to suggestions or perhaps an avid learner in life, as I am.
    To be able to gather a lot of quotes, at the same time jokes etc, to fully understand or either applied or share it with others … does take a lot of time, effort, commitment, dedication and it does shows how passionate a person can be.
    The above is exactly what i sincerely felt as i did by chance and curiously browsed thru “Anger” tagged entry, before i gathered all my cracking bones and finally decided to pen-in maybe, a few or millions other questions or opinion in this comment box. I find it a little relaxing typing comments on paper or blogging it out, rather than shooting my “miles of WHYs” verbally and getting a funny sometimes strange facial reactions from other familiar faces.
    I fully agree with the quote “Anger is a Wind Which Blows Out the Lamp of the Mind’s “ point of view, as i went thru that phase in life myself while growing up. Except, with me it was in this order : SUFFERING → FEAR → HATE →ANGER.
    Now before i start explaining or sharing, NONE of what i am about to reveal is for gaining any personal gain, name nor sympathy from any party. It is simply sharing life experience because sometimes there are unexplainable event or behaviour that others couldn’t understand simply because they haven’t come acrossed what others went thru in life. Hopefully this will help.
    I came from a very humble beginning / background. I was 5 years old, when i was sexually abused by 8 teenagers neighbours. It continues until about a year, finally my family moved somewhere else, my dad was in the army. During those incidents, i was in a kindergarden, and i read newspaper from the age of 4 (self taught), incase if you guys are wondering how i can remember it was 8 teenagers. I was threaten that if i ever tell anyone about what they did to me, they will harm my younger brother, he was 3 years old that time.
    Honestly, until today…especially if i have a whole lot of stress going on in my mind. I will DEFINATELY get nitemares…the same one which i have been having eversince i was 5. So that explains how i can still remember each one of their faces, until today 31 years later.
    I have kept it bottled up for 26 years. As during growing up time, whenever i get these nitemares instead of getting a warm hug / embrace from my mother, i get slapped to keep me silent so i could go back to bed. It continues until i left for boarding school. At home i am a quiet person, very reserved and extremely shy. Being the eldest of two, means i have to set a good example to my brother. Growing up without a father figure and at the same time, having a suicidal, used to be alcoholic and abusive maternal figure also add “salt to my wound”.
    Why I put it in this order, SUFFERING → FEAR → HATE →ANGER. Mostly because, that’s how it has always been with me. Suffering had lead me Fearing a lot of things in life before, probably because of my insecurities : I never felt clean / pure enough (I was a roman catholic before) as when i attended Sunday Schools, those days The Person in charged couldn’t be bothered to defined certain key words in order for innocent and naive children to fully understand what it really meant. For example, the word : VIRGIN.
    Being a curious minded, when you looked up a dictionary for the word VIRGIN it is defined as : A person, typically a woman, who has never had sexual intercourse. During the Sunday Schools, i never felt i belonged to the group or any circle of friends for that matter. As i Fear that, if i were to tell them the whole truth about me, I Fear that they won’t accept me for who I really am. There for, I Hated myself during those growing up years. I Hated myself because sometimes i had to lied about my life, my family… always telling some new friends how happy my family is, how i was the pride and joy of my parents and that I am the only child. As i hated my brother, because I normally will get blamed or beaten up if my brother accidently fell or refused to accompany or looked after him as my mother instructed me to. With all the lies afraid of getting caught (out of embarrassment) and Hateness….plus everything which were already bottled up, I became an Angry child and teenager.
    Being either a rebel, stubborn headed and temperamental used to be my middle name. All these because i am sick and tired of being bullied emotionally at home by my brother or other cousins (just because i rather kept my mouth shut than risk losing the “Home” i always felt safe in. I used to be sent here and there around my long lists of aunties and moving from here and there during my earlier part of growing up is not helping either.
    Being tortured mentally and physically by my maternal figure has taken a toll on my relationship with my mother. At this point after learning all of the psychology aspect of bits and pieces of myself, my mother and my brother…it helped me a lot in understanding myself more and slowly, i am becoming better at handling some questions about life, and those loved ones around me.
    I am not saying that I am a psychologist nor am I a psychiatrist, i am just a person who is trying her best of becoming a better version of myself every time. So i can serve others…family, friends, acquaintance etc… full filling my purpose in life here on earth, the way Our Creator uniquely designed me. “Which comes to the title of this post entry, “Measure Not the Work Until the Day Is Out and the Labor Done”.
    Like i mentioned earlier, I am here to LEARN and to SHARE, so i would like to dedicate my sincere appreciation to the Creator of this site, let this site and all of us here be one of the many other out there of Our Creator’s instrument to reach out to those in need. Whatever happens in life, above all… let Love be our SUN in whatever we do. Warm those iced cold hearts especially those which were thickened with hatred, vengeance, prejudice, racism all these years. Forgive them but also remind ourselves that it’s ok to not forget totally about it, as we can channel that memories as lessons in life for us and as a reminder to our future generations.
    For those who longed for Freedom, remember this : The Truth Will Set You Free. Being able to tell the truth about myself releases me from other unnecessary suffering.
    For those who are suffering or in the process of healing … If You Are Going Through Hell Keep Going.
    Reply to this : Note that Elizabeth Barrett Browning was married to another famous English poet, Robert Browning.
    “Measure not the work until the day is out and the labor done.” ~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806 – 1861)

    Yours Truly,
    Baby M

    P/S : I do hope all these can fit into the comment box. I found out thru some reading about Mrs Browning, that she (Date of Birth : March 6th, 1806) was actually 6 years older than Mr Browning (Date of Birth : May 7th, 1812)

    ** Now, my honest Question is: WHY did you high lighted that Elizabeth Barrett Browning was married to another famous English poet, Robert Browning?

  2. Hello Baby M, I am sorry to hear of your suffering, I pray that God will continue to heal you. As for the comment about Elizabeth and Robert Browning, it was just a simple observation, nothing deep. GBU.

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