Those Whom God Wishes to Destroy, He First Makes Angry

As Passover is upon us our attention is expectedly drawn to the Exodus story when God used Moses to free the Israelite nation from bondage in Egypt. For those familiar with the story you may recall that God hardened Pharoah’s heart, and as a matter of fact, it states that 15 times in the Book of Exodus. The last account of this “hardening” was in Exodus chapter 14:

” And the LORD hardened the heart of Pharaoh king of Egypt, and he pursued after the children of Israel: and the children of Israel went out with an high hand.” – Exodus 14:8 KJV

By the end of the chapter God had destroyed Pharoah’s army and his kingdom would sunsequently fall. Which brings me to our quote for today:

“Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes angry.”

Is this quote from the Bible, or not? Clearly, Pharoah was angry, his heart hardened by God, and he and his kingdom were afterward destroyed. So the quote does sound Biblical.

Actually, this quote is NOT from the Bible. It was written by the ancient Greek writer and philospher Euripides who lived in the 5th century BC. Do you think this quote is Biblical?


Those Whom God Wishes to Destroy, He First Makes Angry — 3 Comments

  1. In the very entire sense and gamut, this is a carnal thought, just by the impression it aims to throw is God-less. For one to know the very attributes of God, is ample basis to judge this quote as emanating from an individual whose life has no Godly bearing, primarily on the aspect of love. God’s redeeming operation is purely carried out in love despite of His utter disappointment towards man’s indiscretions, . John 3:16 His aim for creation is life, have fellowship with creation, that’s why He created mankind after His image, that’s why Eve was created to complement Adam’s life, above all it’s the very reason His laws and statutes were upgraded in two uncontestable criteria: Love God; Love thy neighbor as you love yourself. Though Psalms 7:11 states God is always angry to the wicked everyday; 11:6 “…God set snares to the wicked..” 119:155 “..salvation is far from the wicked..” 145:20 “..but all the wicked will He destroy..” The stance of the Psalmist David on who the wicked were the souls who have no fear nor regard to God, to His words and mighty acts. For if they do, they should have yielded themselves to the God of Israel. Their irreverent defiance to a living mighty God was wholly expressed in defying God and all that pertains to Him and also to the God-given priviledges of His people, ultimately to His people the Jews. In all of these, God’s holiness and justice is on display throughout history of mankind, for one to repent, he incurs God’s favor.

    God is primarily not pleased on the death of one that dies (a wicked person). For it is the end of a wicked person to die, God values life, loves man.

    Today’s pattern is attributed to the unyielding unbeliever. Unyielding they are, the wrath of God permeates their lives. Wrath of God implies the absence of fellowship, of relationship, of the blessed hope instore for them who decide to be in His side.

    He can make and un-make, He can destroy and re-create. His just character is deplete of bullying or mischief, God warns dying souls because He values every one. Giving all that counts Him most, Jesus Christ His Son, is outright evidenced He is not out to destroy people wicked or righteous to please Himself.

  2. Great article. It hits the nail on the head. So why are we out to destroy one another? It is because we are wicked.

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