Top Bible or Not Posts of 2010

Well it’s the last day of the first decade of the 21st century – sounds kind of cool don’t you think? I hope you all had a good year! Thank you for your participation in Bible or Not this past year, I hope you have enjoyed the posts and the many comments from our readership. Perhaps this is quite typical, but I’d like to review the top Bible or Not posts of the year.

The top post this year was Rise and Rise Again Until Lambs Become Lions, a quote out of the 2010 movie Robin Hood with Russel Crowe. This quote was not only popular in terms of people reading the post, but it also generated some very controversial comments and discussions. It was fun watching our readers get into it so passionately.

Coming in second is the popular Christian quote Take One Step Toward God and He Takes Two Steps Toward You. This quote is NOT found in the Bible although many of you thought it was. There are also several variations, like “take one step toward God and He will take seven towards you”, or “He will take many more steps towatd you than can be counted”. The Bible or Not quote that IS from the Bible is “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you” found in James 4:8.

The third most popular post is This is the Day the Lord Has Made, We Will Rejoice and be Glad. This is also a favorite of my friend and minister Ken, and one of mine too. This Bible verse is a reminder that every day is a precious gift, and every breath should be in praise of God.

My most favorite post this past year was the Top 10 Funniest Bible Verses Ever. I always like a good laugh, and besides, laughter is the best medicine – and that’s Bible!

Here are a few others that made the grade:
Always Follow Your Heart, It’s Never Wrong
Funny Bible Verse, Don’t Wake Me Up!
We Cannot All Do Great Things, But We Can Do Small Things
God and Karma: Whatever a Man Sows, That He Will Reap

I also have seen how many of our site visitors go to the Bible or Not Bible quiz game page. I hope you have enjoyed playing, we are planning on continuing to expand the number of quotes in the game.

So, from Bible or Not, thank you for a good year, and may God richly bless you in the New Year!


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