Without Purpose, We Would Not Exist

While we’re on the subject of purpose, I thought of a quote I heard in a movie. Yesterday we discussed that without God purpose is meaningless.┬áIt reminded me of a popular movie trilogy that was on TV last weekend in which the overriding theme is one of “purpose”. A main character sums it up in a very poignant statement:

Without purpose, we would not exist.

In this sci-fi movie series everything has been created for a purpose, and everyone fulfils that purpose although most are not aware of it. Do you know the movie?

So logic plays out the scenario that without purpose, we would not exist; and without God we would have no purpose; therefore, without God we would not exist. Sounds quite obvious, doesn’t it? To the believer, yes. But even to those who don’t believe in God, or haven’t accepted Jesus Christ, the logic remains that life’s meaning comes from purpose. Most people believe that purpose comes from inside yourself, you figure it out, make your best guess, and then see how it plays out. The Biblical perspective is that we have been created by God, and for God.

Do you know the movie? It includes characters like the Architect and the Oracle. OK, this will give it away: the main characters are Morpheus (the one quoted here), Neo and Trinity. Yep, it’s The Matrix. A classic “good overcomes evil” plot, very entertaining.

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