A Full Stomach Makes a Happy Heart

Today’s Bible or Not quote is an old Spanish proverb about contentment.

“A full stomach makes a happy heart”. – Spanish Proverb

En Español: “Barriga llena, corazón contento”. (Full stomach, happy heart.)

Looking through the Bible you might think this to be in Proverbs or in some other book of wisdom, or at least the concept. What’s interesting is that according to the Bible, happiness and contentment (i.e. a happy heart) have nothing to do with a full stomach, however, if your heart is right with God then a full stomach will complement your happiness.

“The righteous eat to their hearts’ content, but the stomach of the wicked goes hungry”. – Proverbs 13:25 NIV

“The sleep of the working man is pleasant, whether he eats little or much; but the full stomach of the rich man does not allow him to sleep”. – Ecclesiastes 5:12 NAS

You see, if your heart is right with God in the first place, then a good meal can satisfy the soul. This is because the righteous know where it came from and give thanks to God for all of His good gifts. This goes for every blessing in our lives. And if you are a person of integrity, working hard in life to honor God and provide for yourself and others, you will still have a happy heart whether you are blessed with much or little.

The “rich man” is symbolic of those that feed themselves at the expense of others. It is the attitude of selfishness, ingratitude and indifference that drives the ungodly. For the wicked, a full stomach will not bring contentment. Riches will not bring happiness. The abundance of the wicked will become a curse unto them, and here is the promise God has for them:

“You will eat but not be satisfied; your stomach will still be empty. You will store up but save nothing, because what you save I will give to the sword”. – Micah 6:14 NIV

So perhaps the quote should not be “Full stomach, happy heart”, but rather, “righteous heart, happy heart”. And if your stomach happens to be full, well then the righteous heart will be a happy heart indeed.


A Full Stomach Makes a Happy Heart — 2 Comments

  1. There’s also a similar Spanish proverb: The belly rules the mind. I guess food is really important to Spanish people!

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