A Hard Beginning Maketh a Good Ending

I’ve been reading the Book of Exodus lately about the hard bondage of Israel and how God delivered the Hebrews across the Red Sea. But that was only the beginning of forty years of wandering through the Sinai wilderness. But, in the end God kept His promise and delivered Israel into the promised land of Canaan. So, while the beginning was hard, the end was good – and God can do the same for us today.

“A hard beginning maketh a good ending.” – Bible or Not?

Israel Exodus Route Map of Sinai

Although it seems to make sense, the quote about a hard beginning making a good ending is not in the Bible. The author of the quote is the English Renaissance Writer John Heywood (circa 1497- 1580).  You can read the Book of Exodus in KJV here and learn more about John Heywood here.

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