A New Look for the New Year

Bible Quiz Game OK, this may be a week or so late, but Happy New Year!

As we start 2014, the Bible or Not site has a new look. We have a new logo and a new color scheme, a new layout, and most importantly, support for mobile phones and tablets. So now when you get a new article from us on your iPhone or Android, you will be able to read and navigate without having to zoom or pan – the pages and images scale to fit your device, and navigation becomes a mobile friendly drop-down.

We are the process of updating our Bible or Not game app for iPhone, iPad and Android as well. The new logo is already appearing on our app in iTunes. Stayed tuned for more on this.

As for the current stats on our quotes, we are expecting to reach and then exceed the 1,000 quotes mark. Here is where we are now:

Total Number of Quotes: 979
Percent Bible: 40%
Percent Not: 60%
Breakdown of Quotes by Point Value:
  10 Points: 33%
  20 Points: 34%
  30 Points: 33%
Perfect Score: 19,540 points

So for 2013, we thank you for your support of Bible or Not. And for 2014, we hope you enjoy and are blessed by what’s to come. GOD BLESS!


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  1. Really cool. Thank you for always giving us blessing through your site. The upgrades look phenomenal

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