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This blog is dedicated to famous quotes from the Bible, movies, books, literature, songs and anywhere else. We will share quotes and provide fun games and applications for good and wholesome fun. And we encourage our visitors to posts comments with famous quotes of their own.

Bible or Not ® is a family-friendly Bible game that tests the players’ knowledge of the Bible and quotes from pop culture. How well do you know the scriptures? You’ve likely heard many of these popular quotes, but are they in the Bible or Not? This Bible game includes famous quotes from the Bible, historical figures, classic wisdom, books, literature, movies, songs and more.

Test your knowledge of hundreds of “Bible or Not” quotes, score points based on difficulty, lose points for wrong answers, play against yourself and others, beat the high scores of other players!

Bible or Not is available as an iPhone Bible game, Android Bible game, and online Bible game. There is also a Bible board game in development.

® “Bible or Not” is a registered trademark.


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