Bible or Not Online Bible Quiz Game Beta Release

We launched the alpha version of the online Bible or Not Quiz Game earlier this year and are happy to announce that we have just released a beta version of the game. It’s still a little rudimentary, but better, has more quotes but still not nearly as many quotes as we would like. Best of all it’s free – no registration, no money, no nothing – just play whenever and as long as you’d like. And if you have suggestions on how to make it better, we have a place for you to provide  feedback (please :-)).

Here are some Bible or Not Quiz Game features:

  • Each turn presents a random quote that may be from the Bible, or Not
  • Counts every quote asked and answered
  • Keeps track of all Correct and Wrong answers
  • Keeps score: questions are worth 10, 20 or 30 points
  • Skip quotes you don’t want to guess on

Here are some Bible or Not Game quote stats:

  • Total quotes: 433 and counting
  • 60% of quotes are NOT from the Bible
  • 40% of quotes ARE from the Bible
  • Level of difficulty: 10 points: 36% ; 20 points: 36% ; 30 points: 27%

There are no penalties, i.e. points taken away, for wrong answers – you just don’t get any points. Also, if you want to Skip, there is no penalty for that either.

The game is still a single-player game, BUT, you can open 2 or more browsers for side-by-side competition. For any given instance of the game we display quotes randomly and have tried to prevent duplicates (I think there is still a little bug with that). For multi-player, if you see a quote that another player has already guessed on, simply Skip.

We invite our readers to play the beta release of the Bible or Not Online Bible Quiz Game and then provide us with feedback by commenting on this post or by using our contact form. We will be spending the next 90 days taking suggestions from you and making revisions.

If you would like to see Bible or Not in your Google, Yahoo or other browser home page, you can subscribe to our RSS feed. There are also other apps that we are considering and would love your input.

  • Daily Bible or Not quote application widget
  • Bible or Not quiz game widget
  • Bible or Not quiz game for the iPhone or Droid

Question: would anyone like to subscribe to a daily quote via email? Just the quote and the source, without any commentary. Should that be part of our plan too?

Thank you so much for your interest in the Bible or Not Blog, and thank you for your input on where we should go next. We look forward to your comments and input.

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