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NEW BIBLE GAME! Play the new and improved Bible or Not® Game – we have added many features like Favorites, High Score, Facebook, Twitter and more. Our new Bible game is free, so play, have fun, and share!
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How to play Bible or Not!

Click the “New Game” button to begin a new game. A random quote will appear in the quote box, and you must decide whether the quote is from the Bible or Not by clicking the corresponding button. You will be told if you were correct or not and will be awarded or penalized points based on the degree of difficulty. You can play for as long as you’d like!

Game Features

New GameNew Game – Starts a new game. If a game is already in progress, starting a new game will reset the game and the score will reset to zero.

Log In Login – You can log into Bible or Not using your email address or Facebook account. By logging in you can save your score and save favorite quotes.

Favorites Favorites – Like a quote you see? Simply click the Favorites star and the quote is saved in your Favorites screen. There is no limit to the number of Favorites allowed, and you can share your favorite quotes at anytime with anyone via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Save Score Save Score – Compete against other Bible or Not players when you Save your high score and see how you stack up on the Top Scores screen. You can also share your high score with family, friends and followers via email, Facebook and Twitter. In order to keep the game challenging, once you Save your score it will be saved as your high score and then your current score is reset back to zero. Every player’s high score is based upon a single game playing session.

Share Share – Share random quotes, favorite quotes and your high score by email, Facebook and Twitter. Send a direct message to a friend, post to your Facebook Wall or Tweet til your heart’s content. Each time you share you can customize the message, so whether you are bragging about your most recent high score or adding insight or personalization to a quote, this feature provides you the flexibility to do so.

Settings Settings – The Settings screen allows you to choose between the NKJV or NIV versions of the Bible quotes used in the game. This is also the place to see the most current version of the game and quotes data.

ProfileProfile – This displays your player information including Player ID and email address. If you are logged in through Facebook you will see your Facebook ID and name. If you have created your account with your email address, this screen allows you to change your password.

Facebook Like Like – We hope you like playing the Bible or Not game, and if you do, please click the Facebook Like button.

Submit Feedback Feedback – We are also eager to get your feedback. Do you like the game? Have any questions? Feel free to send us feedback and suggestions on how to make the game more fun.

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