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When coming up with the idea and then developing this blog, and also the Bible or Not Board Game, I had to decide which version of the Bible to use. While preferring the King James Version of the Bible I knew that it wouldn’t work, unless all other quotes were from Shakespeare or Renaissance-era writings and works. The “hath’s” and “eth’s” etc. would be a sure give away. With so many Bible versions available, I had to make a choice that was true to me, workable with the game and acceptable to my readers.

At first I thought to use the NIV (New International Version) but found it too far afield from the KJV which I am accustomed to. I then went through my Parallel Bible comparing the NAS (New American Standard) and the Amplified versions of the Bible. I also pulled out the New King James Version (NKJV) and the comparison was on.

Coupling these with quotes from the likes of Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, Ghandi, Plato, and other historical figures, then layering in quotes from movies like Jaws, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and others, I started to get a good cross section of quotes and phrases.

Then the next step was to pick a Bible version that could most easily be confused with non-biblical quotes and phrases, WITHOUT taking away the meanings of the Bible that many Christians have come to appreciate.

I therefore decided to primarily use the New King James Version for both the Bible or Not Blog and the game. So, you will find that better than 95% of the Bible verses I publish will be NKJV, and from time to time I’ll sprinkle in KJV and other versions depending on the verse and my mood (;-).

I hope you enjoy this! And if you’d like to browse or search through a bazzillion versions online, check out Bible Gateway or just Google it.


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  2. Brother, outside of massive typos (;-)> this totally, tottally rocks. so very well thought out and easy to navigate and interestingly written and carefully researched. lovelovelove, broKen

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the “massive” (ouch) typos, so much for typing fast ;-). I went back and hopefully got them all.

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