More Bible or Not Quotes

Bible or Not now has 967 quotes in the game, making it more challenging and fun than ever, and we are looking forward to breaking the 1,000 mark! If you would like to help us get there, all you need to do is submit a popular or famous quote that is either in the Bible or just sounds like it could be in the Bible. You can play Bible or Not on your computer or smart phone.

Play Bible or Not! on computer.
Play Bible or Not! on iPhone or iPad.
Play Bible or Not! on Android phone or tablet.

Here are the latest additions to the Bible or Not! game, Enjoy! “God has made me laugh, and all who hear will laugh with me…

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Thank Heaven for Seven Eleven

I just uploaded some new quotes to update our Android, iPhone and web games and realized that we now have 711 Bible or Not quotes in the game. We at Bible or Not truly hope the blog and games are a blessing, and thank God we are able to do it. So, it’s only appropriate to “thank heaven for 711”! Yeah, not Bible.

Find out about updates and get the latest Bible or Not game stats…

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It’s Official, Bible or Not in iTunes App Store

For those who are prone to closely follow our blog, this may be old news since we did a sneak mention when we got the Bible or Not mobile app on the iPhone, iPad and iPod. For everyone else… it’s official – we are available in the iTunes App Store!

So we now have 3 versions of the Bible or Not game:

– iPhone Bible game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch works on iOS version 3.0 or greater
– Android Bible game works on hundreds of Droid smart phones and tablets
– Our free Bible game for the web (which is undergoing a redesign, woohoo!)

If you’d like, follow the link to read our official iTune App Store press release. And please pass it along!

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