Bible or Not Online Bible Quiz Game Beta Release

We launched the alpha version of the online Bible or Not Quiz Game earlier this year and are happy to announce that we have just released a beta version of the game. It’s still a little rudimentary, but better, has … Continue reading

Bible Doubles, When Chapter and Verse Collide

Here’s a fun game to play, I call it Bible Doubles. A Bible “double” is a verse where the chapter and verse have the same number, like John 10:10. If you’re a Sunday School teacher or have devotional Bible study with family or friends, Bible Doubles is a fun way to get started in the Word. It’s also a good way to memorize Bible verses – pick a new double each week and commit it to memory. You might be surprised that many verses where the chapter and verse form a “double” are popular or profound. Following is a sample list of doubles, I hope you enjoy!

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