Origin of Patience is a Virtue

We have all heard the maxim “patience is a virtue” throughout our lives, and when we’re frustrated that something is taking too long, someone always seems to blurt it out. We live in the age of microwave ovens and the Internet where we can have nearly anything we want instantly. So while the world around us is moving ever faster, and we see that patience is in short supply, we should also recognize that possessing the virtue of patience is a necessity for the followers of God.

“Patience is a Virtue” – Bible or Not?

But does the quote patience is a virtue come from the Bible? Learn about the origin of today’s quote.

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No Man is an Island Entire of Itself

There’s a song from back in the 60’s that quite possibly could have been inspired by today’s quote: Simon and Garfunkel released I Am a Rock (I Am an Island) in 1966 (video included in this post). The song takes the defiant position that a man can be an island, in contrast to the quote “no man is an island”. It’s a song about loneliness and one way to deal with it. But is the idea that no man is an island Biblical?

“No Man is an Island Entire of Itself.” – John Donne’s Meditation no. 17 – 1624

In the Bible we do find passages that support this idea. In the Book of Hebrews…

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Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil

Today’s Bible or Not quote is well-known contemporary wisdom, but its origin goes back to ancient times. A universal concept throughout history is the idea to do those thing which are good, and to shun those things which are evil. The maxim of the 3 Wise Monkeys conveys this concept in a very simplified visual.

“Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.” – Bible or Not?

No, the proverb of the 3 wise monkeys is not from the Bible but it is supported by the Bible. The origin of the quote, as depicted by the above ancient carving, goes back to…

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