Let Your Heart Feel for Everyone, Leadership by Empathy

Our country has had many great leaders but only one who is called the father of our nation. We could write about the many character traits that made Geroge Washington a great leader, but today I’ve picked an unlikely one, that is leadership by empathy. This is arguably the most Christ-like character trait of leadership.

“Let your heart feel for the afflictions and distress of everyone.” – George Washington

So mourn with those who are mourning, rejoice with those who are rejoicing, and empathize with those around you.

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Rise and Rise Again Until Lambs Become Lions

I just saw the Russell Crowe Ridley Scott movie Robin Hood, and this quote was a transforming saying that Robin Longstride, a.k.a. Robin of the Hood, learned as a boy and remembered as a man.

“Rise and rise again until lambs become lions.” – Robin Hood the Movie, 2010

While this is not a quote from the Bible, there are some spriritual overtones about perseverance, and fighting the good fight. Get a little deeper and you could go to several other places. Even in the simplest things, like a blade of grass, or ant walking across a sidewalk, or a line from a movie, we can find lessons out of the Word of God.

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Who Said “Charity Begins at Home”?

Today’s post is about the origin of “charity begins at home”. Who said “charity begins at home”? On Bible or Not we like to share popular quotes along with the sources of those quotes, whether Bible or Not (hence the name of this blog). It’s also fun to research and share the origin of famous quotes and sometimes get into the etymology of some of the words.

The origin of Charity Begins at Home is usually not attributed to the Bible. One of the people most referenced as the author of this quote is Sir Thomas Browne, an English physician, writer and theologian.

I make the argument that while this quote is not verbatim from the Bible, the concept definitely is. Furthermore, those who are most quoted as saying “charity begins at home” were well read in the scriptures. We see in the first letter of Paul to Timothy this verse…

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