A Clue – The Captain’s Cries of Pain at the Loss of His Son

Today’s post is special, and the quote we’ve selected is a clue to what’s so special about it. So if you can figure our where the quote is from, then you’ll easily figure out the significance of this post.

“The captain’s cries of pain at the loss of his son are more frightening to the enemy than the deepest battle drums.” – Bible or Not?

Here are some pictures that are more clues, see if you can guess…

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A Weak Man Knows the Value of Strength, Knows the Value of Power

The Apostle Paul said to the Corinthians “my strength is made perfect in weakness” referring to the sufficiency of God’s grace. There are many other passages in the Bible about the connection between weakness and strength. Is today’s quote one of them?

“A weak man knows the value of strength, knows the value of power.” – Bible or Not?

Follow the link through to Bible or Not to discover the answer and see other Biblical references to strength and weakness.

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I Am the Master of My Fate; I Am the Captain of My Soul

Regardless of circumstances, within the spirit of man lies the ability to be true to one’s self and overcome. The movie Invictus (2009) features the indomitable spirit of Nelson Mandela, how he inspired his nation, and how he inspired the South African national rugby team to world victory.

“I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.” – William Ernest Henley, British Writer

The movie title and underlying theme come from the the poem “Invictus” written by the 19th century poet William Ernest Henley (1849 – 1902). This quote is the climax of the poem. Find out if this quote is Biblical, see an inspiring video, and get the full words of the poem Invictus.

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