Enter Into His Gates With Thanksgiving

On this Thanksgiving Day, we at Bible or Not firstly give thanks to God for giving us the time, energy and ability to share blog posts with our readers and provide Bible games to those who like to have fun and challenge themselves with the Word of God.

Just as importantly, we give thanks to you, our faithful readers and players. Thank you for taking the time you spend with us, for your many comments, for our game ratings and feedback and for following and liking us on Twitter and Facebook. We hope and pray that God continually blesses all of you. And now, it’s time for our featured quote from the Bible on this happy Thanksgiving Day…

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The Calm Before the Storm

Yes, perhaps a bit cliche, but along the east coast the storm is coming and it won’t be calm for long. So here is a very common quote.

“The calm before the storm.” – English Proverb, Unknown Origin

Here are some Bible passages to ponder as we brace for Irene. The first quote from Jesus is about preparedness and recognizing the signs of the times, or in our case, the impending storm…

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As You Did It to One of the Least of These You Did It to Me

As we go into the weekend I hope you all had a good week. And I also hope that during the course this past week you had the opportunity to make a positive impact on someone. Often times you’ll hear Christians say how they hope others will see “the Jesus” in them, right? While that’s good, it’s a little egocentric. How about this: I hope that I will see “the Jesus” in others.

“And the king will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me’.” – Matthew 25:40 NKJV

The Bible is clear: the way that we love others is a reflection of the way that we love God. And of course, the opposite is true – the way that we do not love others demonstrates how we do not love God.

“Then He will answer them, saying…

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