Good, Bad and Ugly Friday

Today we observe Good Friday as the anniversary day of Jesus sacrificial death on the Cross of Calvary. It’s considered “Good” Friday because it is through His death that He paid for the sins of mankind. So yes, it is good.

My mind did though, and I’m not sure why, stray to the classic Clint Eastwood movie, but then I thought about it and decided to share. I hope you are cool with my embellishment.

Yes, today is Good Friday for the work of salvation that was accomplished by Jesus’ innocent blood being shed on the cross.

Today is also Bad Friday for the torture and suffering He endured. It is also bad for those who do not repent of their sins and turn to Him. His blood has no effect for them.

It is also Ugly Friday, for I cannot imagine the ugliness of His suffering, and He did it because God cannot stand the ugliness of sin.

So today is Good, Bad and Ugly. And we thank God for it.

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