No Act of Kindness No Matter How Small Is Ever Wasted

There are popular moral concepts such as “pay if forward”, “what comes around goes around”, and “each day perform a random act of kindness”. This type of thinking, if adopted by the majority, would truly make this world a better place.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

Is this Bible? In the movie “Evan Almighty” Morgan Freeman plays the part of God and defines what the ARK stands for: Acts of Random Kindness. While this famous quote smacks of Biblical teaching, it is also aligned with most of the world’s major religions. It is attributed to Aesop as the moral of his famous fable of The Lion and the Mouse.

In this fable the courageous mouse is overcome with kindness toward a natural enemy, the lion. In doing so the mouse wins over his adversary and gains a new friend. So in the end, he┬ádemonstrates that “even the weak and small may be of help to those much mightier than themselves.”


No Act of Kindness No Matter How Small Is Ever Wasted — 2 Comments

  1. I love what you guys are doing here, but then, I always knew that you were people who could change the world!
    You’re always in our prayers.

  2. If it’s not somewhere identical on any thoughts in the Bible, it could be that the concept is not in lieu to God’s righteousness.

    The incident in Samaria where a Samaritan woman received Jesus’ attention and engaged into an uncommon sort of verbal interaction,( for the Samaritans were regarded as the offsprings of betrayers of the Jewish posterity having intermarried with foreigners, ruining their Jewish heritage, ergo the hatred of Jews who kept their lineage in spite of social upheavals and political tumults) is one social paragon of kindness, such, Jesus’ action broke the sting of enmity, a practical act of kindness that preceeded re-thinking on the Jews’ part over their deportment as a nation to a close-kin nation.
    However, one can likewise apply the subject of good works with preaching. In 2Tim4:2, on account of time, Paul was advising Timothy to preach in season, out of season, for as much as preaching posesses a great import to a man’s life. It is the highest form of service to man, the salvation of the soul is utmost one can attain by his own volition. Random act of kindness in a Biblical perspective here is overridden by goodness, of nobler aim. Random act of kindness in a secular sense however is superficial, to an extent it too is discriminating.

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