She Who Plants Weeds Cannot Expect to Pick Flowers

Planting FlowersWe have read in the Bible that “you reap what you sow” and have even written about it in a post about God and karma, i.e., what comes around goes around. Or in other words, we should expect to receive according to what and how we give. Today’s quote goes along with these lines, but has a slightly different twist – it’s about expectation.

“She who plants weeds cannot expect to pick flowers.” – NCIS¬† TV Show, 2011

Often times in life we see people unhappy and even angry about their circumstances, and yet when we see their behavior it’s no mystery as to how they got to where they are. If you treat people badly, then why should you expect to have friends? If you eat and drink all of the wrong foods, then why be surprised if you have health problems?

And then there’s the more spiritual side of life – yes we want to be blessed, but if we want to receive blessing, then we should BE a blessing to those around us. And so if we plant righteousness and blessing where ever we go, then we should not be surprised if we are blessed. But if we plant sin, indifference and selfishness, then we should not be surprised if we have no joy in our lives.

If you want flowers, then you must plant flowers. And how do we plant “flowers”? Try this simple exercise: for every person you meet, see how their life could be even just a little bit better because they knew you. And if you’re not planting flowers then don’t be surprised if you end up picking weeds.

There are a lot of crime-oriented programs on TV these days and they tend to use inspirational quotes. Today’s quote was actually found on the wall of a woman’s prison according to¬†information about the NCIS episode.


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  1. Totally agree. And any praise we get for our good works all honor and glory goes to God. Good correlation with the NCIS program. We have a real opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those we come in contact with. We can only lead by example. I have comfort in knowing that God will do the rest.

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