Always Remember, Never Forget

This is the week leading up to the 10th anniversary of 9-11, and our blog has been quiet. The gravity of this coming Sunday makes it nearly impossible to write something – there really are no words that can express my heart, and the heart of America, and give it justice. And since Bible or Not is a blog of quotes, I’ve been looking for that quote that captures the right sentiment. I haven’t found it.

This September 11th let’s remember those who have fallen and the families and friends they’ve left behind, and never forget the sacrifice of the men and women who rushed in to rescue. Jesus said, “no greater love has anyone than this, that they would lay down their life for their friend.” Let’s always remember and never forget those who laid down their lives, not just for friends, but for total strangers. Let’s always remember and never forget to pray for those who have lost their innocent loved ones. And let us always remember and never forget to pray that God would always bless America.

Here are some quotes about remembering, and never forgetting, from the Bible and Not:

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