Thank Heaven for Seven Eleven

I just uploaded some new quotes to update our Android, iPhone and web games and realized that we now have 711 Bible or Not quotes in the game. We at Bible or Not truly hope the blog and games are a blessing, and thank God we are able to do it. So, it’s only appropriate to “thank heaven for 711”! Yeah, not Bible.

Find out about updates and get the latest Bible or Not game stats…

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Bible Sequences, When Verse Follows Chapter

A while back we introduced a fun way to read, study and remember the scriptures with something called Bible Doubles. A Bible double is where the chapter and verse are the same, for example, John 10:10. Today I’d like to share a similarly fun way to get into The Word: it’s called Bible Sequences.

A “Bible Sequence” is a verse where the verse number is one more than the chapter number.

For example, John 1:2 is a Bible Sequence: “He was with God in the beginning”. Take the chapter (1) , and take the next number after that (2). You will be surprised to see how many meaningful verses you can remember using Bible Sequences. See our list here…

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Bible or Not Online Bible Quiz Game Beta Release

We launched the alpha version of the online Bible or Not Quiz Game earlier this year and are happy to announce that we have just released a beta version of the game. It’s still a little rudimentary, but better, has … Continue reading