Great Men Are Not Always Wise, Nor Do the Aged Always Understand Justice

As the years go by, we get older and grayer, but do we get wiser? Is the gray head truly a sign of wisdom? A song from the 90’s by The Trashcan Sinatras (The Best Man’s Fall) has the line, “I’m old, not wise, just worried.” Hmmm… maybe gray hair is just a sign of worry and has nothing to do with wisdom… which brings me to today’s quote.

“Great men are not always wise, nor do the aged always understand justice.” – Bible or Not?

Just because we have achieved a high level of accomplishment, or because we have reached a certain age, it does not mean that we are wise. Even though the Bible does teach that in youth we learn and in age we understand, that understanding or wisdom isn’t a given. The Bible is clear that the path to wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord (Psalm 110:11). See if today’s quote is Bible or Not…

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