An Injured Friend is the Bitterest of Foes

Have you ever been injured by a friend, someone you trusted, and they hurt you? Or, have you ever been the cause of injury to a friend? Sometimes these things happen, and regardless of what side you are on, it never feels good. Thomas Jefferson was quoted as saying:

“An injured friend is the bitterest of foes.” – Thomas Jefferson

Clearly he had experienced such a falling out, and from this quote I would imagine that it did not work out well for him.It also is clear that his conclusion that an injured friend not only becomes a foe, but the bitterest of foes, is worldly wisdom and not Biblical. It is true that a hurt friend may be hard to win back…

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In Prosperity Our Friends Know Us; In Adversity We Know Our Friends

The test of a true friend is where they stand during our times of need and adversity. The English writer and literary critic John Churton Collins knew this well.

“In prosperity, our friends know us; in adversity, we know our friends.” – John Churton Collins, English Literary Critic

Although this truth is not in the Bible, we do find in the Bible that a friend loves at all times, and that a brother is born for adversity. This takes the idea of friendship and brotherly love to much higher level. Yes, like Collins says, friends will stay by us in good and bad times. But in the Book of Proverbs we see that the purpose of a true brother or sister is to be there in times of adversity; it is what we are born to do.

I encourage us all to be good friends to each other, and to be brothers and sisters to each other, and to stick with each other in both good times and bad.

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There Is Nothing On This Earth More To Be Prized Than True Friendship

A couple of weeks ago I was driving in my car and a very good friend of mine came to mind, and at that moment I really appreciated him. Today I came across this quote (or should I say verse) that reminded me of that moment:

“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship”.

This is a true saying, no? But is it Bible, or not? It is clear that the Bible places great value on friendship, but there is a bond that is greater that that of a friend and that is the bond of a brother. And in the Church do we not call ourselves brothers and sisters? But what is the measure of a true friend versus the measure of a brother? Read the answer in the full post.

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