We Only Have One Life to Live…Make it Count

A couple of weeks ago there was a post about how life is a walking shadow highlighting the brevity of life. Some people live for only a short time, while others live to a ripe old age. All in all though, compared to eternity, our time here is very short and we only get to do it once. I was reminded of this fact this morning when I went to the gym to learn that a man had died of a heart attack while swimming. A friend of mine was there at the time, and helped pull the man out of the pool, but it was too late. The man was 85 years old, and seemingly lived a full life, God bless him.

“We only have one life to live.” – Anonymous

Whether we live for only a few years, or to be 100, the time we have is still relatively short. We only have one life to live, so let’s be sure we make it count. We can find this idea in the Bible in the books of James and Ephesians…

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