Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Often times we pray, and then we wait, and pray some more and wait some more. The Bible tells us to let patience have its perfect work, knowing that it is a fruit of the Spirit, and having the hope that God will use our waiting to build us up into the person He wants us to be. But is it true that good things come to those who wait?

“Good Things Come to Those Who Wait” – Bible or Not?

While patience is indeed a virtue, let us not confuse waiting on God with inaction. If good things truly do come to those who wait, then why do anything at all? Just wait, and it will come, whatever “it” is. See what the Bible says about how to balance patience with action?

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Origin of Patience is a Virtue

We have all heard the maxim “patience is a virtue” throughout our lives, and when we’re frustrated that something is taking too long, someone always seems to blurt it out. We live in the age of microwave ovens and the Internet where we can have nearly anything we want instantly. So while the world around us is moving ever faster, and we see that patience is in short supply, we should also recognize that possessing the virtue of patience is a necessity for the followers of God.

“Patience is a Virtue” – Bible or Not?

But does the quote patience is a virtue come from the Bible? Learn about the origin of today’s quote.

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