Favorite Scriptures of Super Bowl Players

The Super Bowl is upon us once again, so how does that relate to the Bible? While watching the playoffs and some of the pre-bowl coverage this week, I couldn’t help but notice quite a few players quoting scriptures as encouragement and confirmation that God cares. (Does God really care about football?). The most outspoken of the group has been the Raven’s Ray Lewis, but others who will be taking the field this Sunday have tossed out a few of their own. Here are a sampling, enjoy!

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It Pays to Go ‘All In’

Yesterday much of the country spent the evening watching the Super Bowl, and what a game it was. It’s interesting the role that faith has played in this NFL season. Yeah, everyone was talking about Tim Tebow (Does God Takes Sides in Football?) but I was surprised to learn that the NY Giant’s run to the Super Bowl, and their ‘All In’ credo, started at a chapel service prior to their Christmas Eve game against the NY Jets. You can read the story about that chapel service and how those team members who were in attendance were challenged and inspired.

Today’s post though is not about the Giant’s All In credo, it’s about Jesus’ All In credo…

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