Do Not Pray for Easy Lives. Pray to Be Stronger Men.

Life can be hard, and sometimes as Christians we think it shouldn’t be so. I am sure we all have prayed for relief from the struggle and for things to make life easier. But perhaps that’s not what God has in mind. I believe our 35th president understood this principle.

“Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.” – John F. Kennedy

Whether we like it or not, and I don’t think I’ve met anyone who really likes it, God uses hardship and struggle to shape us according to His plan, not ours. So the advice of John F. Kennedy is very apropos. Let’s see what the Bible says.

According to the Apostle Peter, we should not be surprised when we face trials and troubles…

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I Will Praise You In This Storm

Today’s Bible or Not quote is about staying the course in our service and worship to God even in times when it seems everything is going wrong, and it seems like God is not listening. In this popular Christian music song by the band Casting Crowns, the writer sings about the falling rain and that “once again I say ‘amen’ and it’s still raining”. And even though God is not answering the prayer at that moment, the singer still sings:

“I will praise you in this storm”. – Casting Crowns, 2005

This is not unlike the attitude of Job when he said “the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away; blessed be the name of the Lord”. Yes, this is NOT easy.

To all of those struggling with trials and issues of life and faith, today’s quote is for you. Here is a Bible verse about how God will pull you out of such times plus links to the MP3 and YouTube…

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