Thank Heaven for Seven Eleven

I just uploaded some new quotes to update our Android, iPhone and web games and realized that we now have 711 Bible or Not quotes in the game. We at Bible or Not truly hope the blog and games are a blessing, and thank God we are able to do it. So, it’s only appropriate to “thank heaven for 711”! Yeah, not Bible.

If you’ve got Bible or Not on the iPhone or Android, the next time you play the game it will let you know that there is an update available.

Don’t have the Bible or Not mobile app? Here’s where to go:

Bible or Not iPhone Bible Game

Bible or Not Android Bible Game

And if you just want to play on the web, play the Bible or Not online Bible game any time.

Game Stats:

  • Total quotes: 711 and counting
  • 60% of quotes are NOT from the Bible
  • 40% of quotes ARE from the Bible
  • Level of difficulty: 10 points: 33% ; 20 points: 33% ; 30 points: 33%

And if you feel like a Slurpee, here a link to the 7-11 store.

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