You Want to See a Miracle? Be the Miracle.

In the Bible we read about so many miracles, there are hundreds of them. The four Gospels record only 37 miracles of Jesus – at the end of the Gospel of John the writer states that Jesus did many other things, and that if they were written down the whole world could not contain the books they would fill – so we know He performed countless miracles. And after Jesus’ ascension into Heaven the miracles of His disciples continued, and they continue today.

“You want to see a miracle son? Be the miracle.” – Bruce Almighty, 2003

There are many in this world who do not believe in miracles. To the atheist or agnostic there is nothing supernatural, but everything has a logical scientific explanation, and things that seem to be miracles only seem so because we have yet to discover the natural cause.

There are many church-going people who also do not believe in miracles. They may believe that God put the universe in motion, but since that time has taken a hands-off approach to our lives and the world. Or, there are those who believe that the time for miracles was in the Bible only, and that time has passed. So while we can believe in the miracles of the Bible, we should not expect them today.

God gives us His miracles, so that we can be miracles to others.

And then there are people like me, who believe that God takes and active role in our lives, and that He continually performs miracles. Yes, God can and does change the circumstances of our lives, through supernatural means. He heals people of sickness, repairs broken lives, provides for our needs, answers prayers, and the list goes on. Let us remember though that it is by faith that God performs His miracles (Hebrews 11), and even Jesus when He was in Nazareth was unable to perform many miracles because the people did not have faith (Mark 6). Let’s also never forget that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever and that He can give you the miracle you need.

Let’s not stop there though, just looking for the miracles God can give to us. The miracles in our lives can be great supernatural events, or they can be the simple things of making it from day to day. And didn’t Jesus say “freely you have received, so freely you should give”? God gives us His miracles, so that we can be miracles to others. There is an inspiring scene in the movie Bruce Almighty that explains this very nicely. Morgan Freeman playing the role of God explains to Bruce (Jim Carrey) what a miracle is and how he should be a miracle to others. “You want to see a miracle son? Be the miracle.” From the movie Bruce Almighty, 2003.


You Want to See a Miracle? Be the Miracle. — 3 Comments

  1. I love that scene! I think miracles often take faith coupled with action. The woman with the issue of blood was healed because she fought through the crowd on faith to touch Jesus. Zaccheus climbed a tree, gave back everything he took, etc. In the moments of hardship will we react with faith and expectation?

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